Mission:  To expand Dave Elman's Hypnosis Methods Globally.

Col H Larry Elman, USAF Ret'd, CH, CI 
      son of Dave Elman  and CEO             
Cheryl J. Elman, CH, CMT and President of DEHI

Common Concerns of Being Hypnotized

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can anyone be hypnotized?

A. Yes! Anyone of normal intelligence can be hypnotized.

Q Can you be hypnotized without your consent?

A. No! Hypnosis is a 100% consent state.

Q Can a person be made to divulge secrets?

A. No! If you would keep a secret in your normal waking state, you would keep that secret in hypnosis.

Q. What can I expect from a session at the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute?

A. Your hypnotist will discuss your goals or any issues you may have. The hypnotist will then explain how you can quickly achieve your desired results with hypnosis.  When you are comfortable with the process, the session will begin. You will be guided into a very deep state of physical relaxation. Although very physically relaxed, you will be extremely alert mentally. You will be aware of everything around you . The hypnotist will then give your subconscious mind suggestions for the changes you desire, allowing you to accomplish goals and eliminate problems.

Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute
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